President’s Message

Message from President Louis Schmier

  1. PARKING IN THE PARKING AREA: The parking area has been restriped. Please park only in those designated diagonal areas. For security reasons, and to prevent future minor accidents, DO NOT PARK ALONG SIDE OF THE FRONT OF THE TEMPLE. If congregants persist in parking in front of the temple, parking cones will have to be placed in that area to prevent such parking.
  1. LIGHTING IN THE PARKING AREA: To enhance the temple’s security, arrangements have been made with Georgia Power to install new and improved lighting in the front, side, and back of the parking area. That installation is presently underway and will be completes by no later than the end of the month. If it is found that additional lighting is necessary, it will be installed. The end result will be that the temple will have surround bright lighting.
  1. ISAIAH FUND: Last night, the Board formally approved the following rules for requests and dispensing of monies from the Fund. The rules were made necessary by a sizeable and gracious donation to the Rabbi’s Isaiah Fund. Consequently, the “Rabbi’s Isaiah Fund” is now formally the “Isaiah Fund of Temple Israel”. These are the rules:

The Isaiah Fund is formally under the auspices of the Temple Board. The purpose of the Fund is to provide temporary financial support for congregants who find themselves in need of assistance due to special circumstances beyond their control. Such requests and dispensing of monies from the Isaiah Fund will be in accordance with the following regulations:

  1. The Fund’s resources are available only to members of the congregation.
  2. The committee responsible for the dispensing of Fund monies shall consist of the Rabbi and President of the congregation.
  3. The fund can be used to help pay for such items as rent, medical bills, medications, therapy, food, utility bills, or any other assistance subject to the approval of the Fund’s committee.
  4. To secure assistance, a member must contact the Rabbi requesting such assistance.
  5. The request must be accompanied by (a) a statement of how much money is needed, (b) a statement of exactly what the money is for, and (c) both the name and address to whom the money is to go (d) a form of documentation (e.g. bill, notice, prescription ) indicating the specific need. If additional information is needed, the rabbi will follow up the request before any decision is made.
  6. The rabbi will then consult with the President of the congregation regarding approval of the request.
  7. A request does not guarantee approval.
  8. All actions shall be confidential.
  9. Upon approval of a request, the committee shall decide whether the monies shall go directly to the person making the request or arrangements shall be made to monies to be paid directly to the provider of a particular service.
  10. The request for funds is ordinarily a one-time request only, exceptions, however, can apply.
  11. Because the Fund’s resources are limited, there shall be a designated cap of $1,000 on such requests.
  12. For tax purposes, the recipient of the monies must submit, in addition to initial documentation, subsequent receipts to the Rabbi.

KITCHEN AND SOCIAL HALL RENNOVATION: . As you know, the kitchen has been gutted and the renovation has begun. The renovation includes a remodeling of the social hall. New carpet and flooring will be laid, the cabinets will be remodeled, and both the walls and cabinets will be painted. Moreover, a non-skid wooden flooring will be laid in the entrance ante hallway leading from the wooden entry doors to the back hallway doors. That will make it safer for congregants during inclement weather. Completion date is scheduled for mid-February. Hopefully we can have a “grand opening dinner” to celebrate the eye-catching results before the rigors of the corned beef sale occurs.

CORNED BEEF SALE: Please arrange your calendar to afford yourself the opportunity for the greatest time possible for selling tickets and volunteering in the temple with the essential preparations for packing the condiments, packing pickles, weighing and packing the meat, making sandwiches. The goal for this year is to sell 6,000 tickets and, therefore, to prepare 6,000 dinners. I cannot overemphasize how vital your participation is. The profits from the sale pay for approximately 1/4-1/3 of the temple’s operating budget. Without the monies from the sale, in addition to annual earnings from the temple’s investments, funds would have to be taken from the corpus of the temple’s investments to cover operating expenses, and thereby reducing future investment earnings. Or, dues would have to be raised significantly.

And, aside from selling tickets, these are the dates when your time and efforts are needed: Sunday, March 1, packing condiments, 10-3 Sunday, March 8, packing condiments, 10-1 (if necessary) Sunday, March 15, packing pickles, 10-3 Wed., March 18, weigh and pack meat, 10-6 Thurs, March 19, weigh and pack meat, 10-6 Fri. March 20, Sale day, 8-2 Sunday, March 22, Sale day, 9-7 Monday, March 23, Sale day, 9-7

Ticket packets for congregants are presently being put together and will be soon available. Online sales opportunities will also soon be made available.