Keeping our community secured: As we prepare for our High Holidays, your Rabbi & leadership continue to review security measures including: access of doors and windows, improve details of drills and deploy.

Please note that security measures are in effect during services. Please remember the four-digit code-above the entrance door sensor light was installed.

Please join us this Friday, August 16th for Sabbath Evening services at 7:30 p.m. Rabbi will lead services and discuss the weekly Torah portion & current issues. The Oneg is being sponsored by Sharon & Sidney Morris in celebration of Sidney’s birthday–You are invited to offer your personal wishes for a ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sidney.

New Jewish calendars are now available at the lobby. Stop by and pick up a copy of the beautifully colored guide to the entire Jewish year. We thank McLane Funeral Home for providing these calendars at no cost to us.

Sincere condolences to Susan and Bill Rupright on the passing of Susan’s brother-in-law Chuck

Next Week Sabbath evening service: August 23rd at 7:30 p.m./Oneg is sponsored Laura Lynn & Martin Miller… Please plan to join us.

Best wishes and Mazel Tov to the Barnovitz and Garfinkel families on the forthcoming marriage of their children Sydney and Scott.

We are considering ordering ‘Round Challahs’ for Rosh Hashanah as a congregation. Let rabbi know if you are interested and the number of Challas requested for Sunday, September 29th pickup.

We have planned an exciting celebration during the upcoming High Holidays. Rosh Hashanah begins Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. and Yom Kippur is scheduled for Tuesday night October 8, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. – Please plan to join us. A printed format will be mailed in late August for everyone

Our president, Louie Schmier has sent a message to our members detailing the upcoming celebrations and commitment to the synagogue. If you have not received the message or you are unable to receive the Weekly Notes, you may view them on our web site and we need your e-mail address.

Visit the new website of Temple Israel: www.templeisrael-valdosta.org, let us know if you have visited the site and your comments are always welcome. Please be advised: Donations of all kind be made through the web site

Shabbat Services Schedule                

Friday, August 16        7:30 P.M.         Friday Evening Service           

Oneg is sponsored by Sharon & Sidney Morris

In Honor of Sidney’s Birthday

Friday, August 23        7:30 p.m.         Friday Night Service

Oneg with Laura Lynn and Martin Miller



*All Yahrtzeit weekly announcements will be made twice. On the previous week and on the actual week-if you are unable to attend on the actual date of loved ones, you may say Mourner’s

AUGUST 17-23, 2019                16-22 AV 5779

Bradley Cohen (8/20)                   Lillian Broitman (8/17)

Lena Pearlman Lazarus (8/22)      Rubin Bonnett (8/23)

Arnold Cohen (8/21)          Dorothy Carter Pearlman (8/22)

Frances Hackel Golivesky (8/17)

AUGUST 24-30, 2019                23-29 AV 5779

Phillip Lazarus (8/25)                   Morris Bierman (8/28)

Gene Perlman (8/28)           Sam Perlman (8/28)

Ivan Preston Friedlander (8/26)   Irving Sukoff (8/28)

Bette Braun (8/25)

AUGUST 31-SEPT. 6, 2019       30 AV-6 ELUL 5779

Virginia Miller ((8/31)                  Laura Libby Able 9/3)

Hannah Stein Golivesky (9/4)      Maurice Shapiro (9/6)

SEPTEMBER 7-13, 2019                    7-13 ELUL 5779

Faye Rbiengold Ellerin (9/7)           Sol Stein (9/13)

Leon Litman Nachman (9/7)      Leon Margolis (9/7)

Edward Spieler (9/9)     Leiba Rivka bat Moshe Yona (9/9)

Corinne Smith (/10)            Jacob Hyatt (9/11)

SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2019                  14-20 ELUL 5779

Bernard Weinstein (9/19)    Rabbi Morris Joseph Miller

Anna Rainbow (9/18)                   Julius Steigman (9/18)

Janet Levin Schwartz (9/20)         Nathan Polonsky (9/20)

Sara Gilman Hackel (9/20)



A Yahrzeit, a memorial lamp will (if available on the large bronze tablets) be lit in the Synagogue. On the appropriate date and a Mourner’s Kaddish may be recited