February 15, 2018/1 Adar 5778/TORAH PORTION: TRUMAH

Rabbi, Penny and the Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a Shabbat Shalom!

The Kosher Corned Beef Sandwich Sale is Friday, March 9 and Sunday–Monday, March 11 and 12.  Tickets will be distributed this weekend at the Temple.  Please make sure to see Roberta to get your packet. Sunday, February 18 from 10:00 a.m., we’ll pack condiments at the Temple- Bring yourself and a family member/friend to help – Thank You!

Rabbi Elbaz was invited to deliver an address at the Brotherhood event at Waycross Hebrew Center on Sunday, February 25. On Wednesday, February 21 rabbi will be giving the invocation at Rotary and will be a guest at West End church at St. Augustine Rd.

Please join us for the Annual Purim Megillah Reading

on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.-

As it is told in the Scroll of Esther, the Jewish community of Shushan, capital of the Persian Empire, overcame despair and destruction through the heroic efforts of Mordechai & Queen Esther. The Purim story has provided Jewish communities throughout history hope over despair and calls upon all communities to fight against evil and anti-Semitism

We pray for speedy recovery ‘re’fua she’lma’ to all who require healing in our community. If you wish that a name of a sick person(s) mentioned at services, please send the names to the rabbi.

We would like to encourage every Jewish person in our area to join us as member and join our Temple Israel family in building a Jewish life here in Valdosta. If you know of any Jewish person or family unaffiliated invite them to services.     

Best wishes to those among us who are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or another joyous occasion. Let rabbi know that you are celebrating a happy event and will announce it from the Bimah at services.

Our congregation thoroughly enjoyed last Sabbath services as we celebrated Onika Sukoff Bat Mitzvah. We missed Norman Golivesky at Sabbath services as he was recovering from a flu. We hope to visit with him this Sabbath. Family and friends were in attendance last Sunday foe the unveiling for Carl Shapiro. Rabbi wish to thank all members for their support.

Sabbath Evening Services – always at 7:30 p.m.

Friday, February 16    Shabbat Services: Oneg is being sponsored by Tawanda Wooten

Saturday, Feb. 17        10:00 a.m. Torah Study session – open to the public

Friday, February 23    Shabbat Services: Oneg is being sponsored by Patty and Steve Wilson

Sat., Feb. 24                10:00 a.m. Torah Study Session



FEBRUARY 17-23, 2018           2-8 ADAR 5778

  • Janice Abrams (2/22)
  • Sanford Morton Swerdlin (2/19)
  • Nathan Zelkind (2/19)
  • Hyman Braverman (2/19)
  • Annette Eisenson (2/22)
  • Maxine Lazarus (2/21)
  • Eli Giges (2/23)
  • Bas Sheva Lazarus (2/22)
  • Fredrich Joel Loef (2/19)

FEBRUARY 24-MARCH 2, 2018       9-15 ADAR 5778

  • Anna Bergman (2/28)
  • Nyna Grossman (2/28)
  • Bertha Druck (2/28)
  • Mary Wexler (3/1)
  • Ben Landey (2/25)
  • Ida Lazarus (2/25)
  • Helen Cecile Cohen Zeiler (3/2)

MARCH 3-9, 2018            16-22 ADAR 5778

  • Alaene Margolis (3/3)
  • Janet Topale (3/4)
  • Clarence Vidro (3/5)
  • Esther Perlman Friedlander (3/6)
  • Harry Schwartz (3/6)
  • Tessie Manes Kalin (3/6)
  • Alex Kalin ((3/9)
  • Lucy Shapiro (3/9)
  • David Goldhar (3/6)

MARCH 10-16, 2018                  23-29 ADAR 5778

  • Fannie Gilmore Perlman (3/16)
  • Dorothy Levine (3/10)
  • Dorothy Stein Zakuto (3/14)
  • Israel Lazarus (3/12)
  • Fannie Karlip (3/14)
  • Goldie Hartnig (3/14)
  • Moses Braun (3/15)
  • Abe Levin (3/15)

A Yahrzeit, a memorial lamp will (if available on the large bronze tablets) be lit in the Synagogue. On the appropriate date and a Mourner’s Kaddish may be recited .