Please join us at this Shabbat evening service November 16th at 7:30 p.m., and we’ll be welcoming members of Truth Harbor Apostolic Church and its pastor Ben Weeks and his wife Valerie. Rabbi will meet with the visitors prior to the service and provide information and answer questions. To all our members please attend and give our guests the special warm welcome that Temple Israel is known for. This is a community Oneg, please share your favored bake goods or a veggie dish and bring it to the oneg to share with your friends (thank you!)

Torah study and current events continues this Saturday, November 17th at 10:00 a.m.

Please note that On Friday, December 7, 2018, brief Sabbath service begins at 7:00 p.m. followed by a Chanukkah celebration at 7:30 p.m. Please bring an un-rapped gift to share with the children in our community. Please join us in joyous celebration. Nancy Feinberg is in charge of arrangements

There will be no Shabbat evening Service or Torah study during the Thanksgiving weekend November 23/24

A Sunday Jewish studies is being formed for young children of age 7-12 years old. Classes will be held on Sundays from 10:30-Noon. Part 1: Jewish Life Cycle and Celebrations, Part 2: Beginning Hebrew. Please contact Rabbi to sign up your children to the program. A class will be formed with a minimum of 4 children.       

Friday, November 16              7:30 p.m.-Shabbat Service/Truth Harbor Apostolic Church will be at services.

Saturday, Nov. 17                   10:00 a.m.-Torah study of Va’yetze & Current Events

Fri/Sat. Nov. 23/24                 Thanksgiving-No Service


Visit the new website of Temple Israel: www.templeisrael-valdosta.org, let us know if you have visited the site and your comments are always welcome. Please be advised: Donations of all kind be made through the web site

Yertzeit schedule

NOVEMBER 17-23, 2018                   9-15 KISLEV 5779

  • Barbara Soshnik (11/21)
  • Allen Soshnik (11/21)
  • Joseph Louis Pearlman (11/22)
  • Lizzie Handleman (11/23)


NOVEMBER 24-30. 2018                   16-22 KISLEV 5779

  • Alexander Las (11/25)
  • Martha S. Myers (11/29)
  • Hyman Taylor (11/30)
  • Beatrice Pearlman Yarus (11/27)


DECEMBER 1-7, 2018              23-29 KISLEV

  • Ruth Landey (12/4)
  • Leah Dunn Landey (12/4)
  • Ethel Hopkins (12/7)
  • Rose Druck Landey (12/7)
  • Harry Karlip (12/3)
  • Ethel Rebecca Karlip (12/7)
  • William J. Pearlman (12/7)
  • Richard Small (12/3)
  • Richard Wilson (12/1)


DECEMBER 8-14, 2018   30 KISLEV-6 TEVET 5779

  • David Shapiro (12/14)
  • Norman Steinbook (12/13)

A Yahrzeit, a memorial lamp will (if available on the large bronze tablets) be lit in the Synagogue. On the appropriate date and a Mourner’s Kaddish may be recited .