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קהילת טמפל ישראל


RABBI MOSHE ELBAZ    הרב משה אלבז

Join us this Sabbath evening, help us make a minyan!

The situation in Israel continues to be tense and fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza continues. The Hizballah shelling in northern Israel has been very serious for months followed by reprisals by Israel perhaps leading to a possible all-out war with Lebanon. ‘Yachad Nenatzeach’ is today’s motto in Israel; ‘together we’ll win’.

March 1 – Services – 7:30 PM as we celebrate Shabbat Tetzaveh. We will be delighted to greet you at services and the oneg that follows.

March 2 – Services – 10:00 AM. We’ll hold Shabbat morning service plus Torah study. If a minyan is present we will conduct Torah reading. Members of the B’not Mitzvah should plan to attend.

Zoom link.   https://zoom.us/j/5438704485?pwd=TXdqMDVsN3FUOVIyMWtEa0FaVEpTQT09

Purim is being celebrated this year on Sunday, March 23 – We’ll hold services and Megillah reading at 7:30 p.m.

The PURIM STORY:  Many years ago, the king of Persia was named Ahashverosh. One day he decided to have a feast with all of his friends and advisors. He decided that his queen, Vashti, should come and dance at the feast. Queen Vashti refused. She didn’t want to dance in front of all of the king’s men, or appear before them to demonstrate her beauty. The king was furious and banished Vashti.

As time passed, the king wanted a new queen. He held a beauty contest and invited all of the eligible girls in the kingdom. The winner was Esther and she became the queen. Esther was Jewish, but her uncle Mordechai, who raised her, warned that it could be dangerous to reveal her religion to the king. In fact, he told her not to tell anyone in the palace that she was Jewish.

The king’s chief advisor was a man named Haman. Haman was a wicked and vain man who expected everyone to bow down to him. Mordechai refused to bow because Jews only bow before God. Haman was furious. Haman decided to destroy the entire Jewish people in Persia. Upon learning of Haman’s evil plot, Mordechai tore his clothes, and walked through the city crying loudly.

Through fasting, praying and actions, Haman plot did not prevailed. The Jews of Persia defended themselves and won a great victory.

In celebration of Purim we read the Megillah and teach future generation to take pride in the Jewish heritage.

IN MEMORIAM: Bronze Memorial plaque forms available include English & Hebrew names and are available to order locally. Please send a $500.00 donation to be included with the order.

TREE OF LIFE: To honor family/friends with a Tree of Life Leaf that can be engraved locally – Please send your order to Rabbi with a $150.00 donation per leaf. Chanah Wilson is a member of the board and handles the Tree of Life & other dedications.

If you have knowledge of a member/friend who is ill, or in the hospital, the rabbi would like to know and make it known to our congregation for e-mail communications. In addition, we’ll announce the sad news of the passing of members/friends in Valdosta and in the neighboring communities.


MARCH 2-8, 2024            22 ADAR I-28 ADAR I

Lucy Shapiro (3/2)                  Dorothy Levine (3/3)

Israel Lazarus (3/5)             Moses Braun (3/8)

MARCH 9-15, 2024          29 ADAR I – 5 ADAR II 5784

Tessie Manes Kalin (3/9)                  Fannie Karlip (3/14)

Sandford Morton Swerdlin (3/14)                   Nathan Zelkind (3/14)

Chaya Golda Kleinman (3/14)     Hyman Braverman (3/14)

MARCH 16-22, 2024                  6-12 ADAR II 5784

Janice Abrams (3/20)                   Annette Dunn (3/19)

Maxine Lazarus (3/16)                 Ben Landey (3/20)

Eli Giges (3/218)       Bas Sheva Lazarus (3/20)

Margot Pearlman (3/19)

MARCH 23-29, 2024                  13-19 ADAR II

Bertha Druck (3/23)           Alaene Margolis (3/26)

Jack Elliot Kessel (3/24)     Marvin Elliot Pearlman (3/29)

Helen Ceceile Cohen Zeiler (3/25)

MARCH 30-APRIL 5, 2024                20-26 ADAR II

Goldie Harnig (4/6)             Melvin J Kessel (3/30)

Sammy Stein (4/4)

APRIL 6-12, 2024             27 ADAR II-4 NISAN 5784

Abe Levin (4/7)                   Benjamin Jacob Schwartz (4/9)

Paul Landesman (4/9)                  Max Berman (4/12)

Moses Braun (4/7)

*All Yahrtzeit weekly announcements will be made twice. On the previous week and on the actual week. To place a Memorial Plaque for a loved one, please contact the rabbi (need the name in English & Hebrew, date of death) – it takes 3 months for the order to be completed – ($500.00)

A Yahrzeit, a memorial lamp, will (if available on the large bronze tablets) be lit in the Synagogue. On the appropriate date, a Mourner’s Kaddish may be recited.