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Rabbi’s new e-mail: mosheelbaz46@gmail.com

קהילת טמפל ישראל


RABBI MOSHE ELBAZ    הרב משה אלבז

JANUARY 12, 2023/ 19 TEVET, 5783

Sabbath morning services will be held via zoom this Saturday, January 14

Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8101551107?pwd=Y08ycVZwT05pdG9sUFNUZkkvUjErUT09

We would like to invite all our members and friends to this Shabbat Evening Services

Friday, January 13, 2023 At 7:30 p.m.-rabbi will speak on the Torah portion and present questions from the Ta’nach. January schedule: Jan.13, 20, 27

 Sunday January 15th at 10:30am we will have a fun Challah baking session in our beautiful temple kitchen.  All bakers or want to be bakers are welcome to join us as we stock our freezer with challahs for our Friday evening onegs.  We will be led by the very capable Anita Lovett.  The kneading, rising, braiding and baking should take about four hours.  

If you wish to invite a friend/guest to services please inform the rabbi in advance.

IN MEMORIM: Bronze Memorial Plaques forms available, includes English & Hebrew name and are available to order locally. Please send a $500.00 donation to be included with order.

TREE OF LIFE: To honor family/friend with a Tree of Life Leaf that can be engraved locally – Please send your order to Rabbi with a $150.00 donation per leaf. Chanah Wilson is a member of the board and handles the Tree of Life & other dedication.

If you have knowledge of a member/friends is ill, in the hospital, rabbi would like to know and make it known to our congregation e-mail communications. In addition we’ll announce of the sad news of a passing of members/friends in Valdosta and in the neighboring communities.



*All Yahrtzeit weekly announcements will be made twice. On the previous week and on the actual week. To place a Memorial Plaque for a loved one, please contact the rabbi (need name in English & Hebrew, date of death – it takes 3 months for order to be completed-($500.00)


JANUARY 14-20, 2023              21-27 TEVET 5783

Molly Vidro (1/15)             Sye Kaiser (1/15)

Ruth Landey (1/19)            Leah Dunn Landey (1/19)

Herman Feldman (1/17)               Karen Lynne Root (1/17)

JAN. 28-FEBRUARY 3, 2023             6-12 SHEVAT 5783

David Shapiro (1/28)                   Abe Golivesky (1/29)

Bertha Landesman (1/29)             Joseph Isaac Abrahams (1/30)

Helen Schultz (2/1)             Tom Winters (1/2)

Leon Levin (1/3)                 Rose R. Gilmore (1/3)

Sofia Voldman (2/3)           Sheldon Broomberg (2/1)

Estelle Broomberg (2/1)

FEBRUARY 4-10, 2023             13-19 SHEVAT

Bess Abrahams (2/5)          Irving Dinnerman (2/5)

Olivia Spence Cook (2/6)             Edith Perlman Cohen (2/7)

William S Myers (2/7)                  Jack L Erkis (2/9)

Ruby Eichberg (2/8)           Annette Lazarus (2/8)

Louis Kalin (2/10)              Melvin J Kessel Jr (3/5)

Rebecca Shuman (2/4)                  Goldie Ruth Powell (2/6)

A Yahrzeit, a memorial lamp will (if available on the large bronze tablets) be lit in the Synagogue. On the appropriate date and a Mourner’s Kaddish may be recited.