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A NEW Message from President Louie Schmier concerning the upcoming 2020 High Holidays
September 3, 2020

קהילת טמפל ישראל
RABBI MOSHE ELBAZ          הרב משה אלבז

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020/21 Elul 5780


We would like to wish our entire congregation, their families and friends, a Shanah Tovah – May you be Inscribed in the Book of Life

Join us for Sabbath evening services through ZOOM this Friday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday, September 20 at 10:00 a.m. – (send your e-mail address to: goldpenny9@gmail.com – for the link to all services) – this is the last Sabbath of the Jewish New Year. (NO Saturday service)

We are in challenging time and continue to pray and hope that soon a vaccine will be available and this global pandemic ends. We urge you to attend one or more of the ZOOM sessions as listed below. It does help with social, learning and sharing

For all Zoom sessions please use the same account number:https://us2web.zoom.us/j/8101551107

THIS Week ZOOM Live Schedule with Rabbi & Penny – We invite you to attend

Friday            7:30 p.m.       Friday Evening Service

Sunday        10:00 a.m.     Sunday Morning Service

In two weeks from tomorrow evening we’ll assemble in our sanctuary with limited seating, with wearing masks and social distancing, and through ZOOM live and welcome the Jewish New Year of 5781. It is not normal times, but we join together with all Jewish communities around the world praying for a new year of health and unity for all mankind. On behalf of Penny and myself we’ll like to extend to each of you our good wishes and Shanah Tovah!!

High Holidays Services for 5781 – 2020 Schedule

How to view our services online using Zoom: 1. For a smart phone or tablet, look for the Zoom app in the app store and download. 2. When it’s time for your service schedule, launch the Zoom application and click “join a Meeting.” Enter the meeting ID in order to access the services. 3. Attend services according to our schedule and you may be invited for a reading and or an honor. Please keep your device in mute and unmute when you are reading/participating,

A file of the Machzor for the HH is now available upon request from Rabbi Elbaz or Louie Schmier………………..to join us at all services sign in into Zoom, and enter account: 8101551107-Penny Elbaz e-mail to receive invitation is: goldpen9@gmail.com


  1. Erev Rosh Hashanah-Jewish New Year: Friday, Sept. 18                7:30-8:30 p.m.

            Please note: No Saturday service is scheduled!

  1. Second Day of Rosh Hashana-Sunday, Sept. 20                             10:00-Noon

                        Torah Reading           :           10:45 a.m.

                        Shofar Service            :           11:15 a.m.

                        Musaf Service:           11:30 a.m.

No Cemetery visitation!


  1. Kol Nidrei/Yom Kippur Eve: Sunday, Sept. 27                             7:00-8:15 p.m.

 Yom Kippur Services: Monday, Sept. 28                             9:30 a.m.

             Torah Reading:          10:15 a.m.

             Musaf Service:           11:00 a.m.

             Yizkor/Memoria:l       11:30 a.m.

             Mincha/Afternoon:   6:00 p.m.

             Neilh/Closing:                        7:00 p.m.

 Rabbi Elbaz, Susan Rupright and friends will participate in these services


Visit the new website of Temple Israel: www.templeisrael-valdosta.org, let us know if you have visited the site and your comments are always welcome. Please be advised: Donations of all kind be made through the web site

We’ll usher this week the month of Elul, better known the ‘month of forgiveness’ and is made of the Hebrew letters: א – אני (I am ), ל-לדודי (I am my beloved) ודודי (and my beloved) ל-לי (is mine) reflecting our relationship with our Creator.

In The Prophetic portion of this week, Isaiah declared ‘that no weapon succeeds…”, and as we learned today, Israel and the UAE reached a peace deal with full diplomatic ties.

*All Yahrtzeit weekly announcements will be made twice. On the previous week and on the actual week-if you. To place a Memorial Plaque for a loved one, please contact the rabbi (need name in English & Hebrew, date of death – it takes 3 months for order to be completed-($500.00)

Funds are available for your support–all donations should be written to Temple Israel, designating the specific fund you wish to support.  Mail to:  511 Baytree Rd., Valdosta, GA 31602          If a member or a friend of the congregation wishes to discuss any of these or a special gift, please contact Rabbi or Louie Schmier.

           Building Fund – for the upkeep and maintain the Temple Israel grounds.

            Tree of Life – To dedicate a leaf on the Tree of Life in Temple Israel in the Pearlman Family Social Hall in honor of family or friends

            Kitchen Remodeling Fund – To defray the costs of major renovations & improvements for the Temple Israel kitchen and social hall

            Shiva Meal Fund – To provide meals following funerals at Temple Israel at no charge. Coordinated by Roberta Magnasco

            Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – for use by the rabbi at his discretion in promoting Temple Israel in our community

            Yahrtzeit Memorial Plaque – to purchase a permanent bronze memorial plaque and afixed on the memorial tablets in the sanctuary–cost is $500.00 – contact the rabbi for details

Visit the new website of Temple Israel: www.templeisrael-valdosta.org, let us know if you have visited the site; your comments are always welcome. Please be advised: Donations of all kinds may be made through the web site.



*All Yahrtzeit weekly announcements will be made twice. Once on the week before and once again on the actual week–if you are unable to attend on the actual date of loved ones, you may say Mourner’s Kaddish at either.

AUGUST 22-28, 2020                2-8 ELUL

Laura Libby Able (8/23)     Hannah Stein Golivesky (8/24)

Maurice Shapiro (8/26)      Leon Litman Nachman (8/27)

Carl Sadowsky (8/27)                  Leon Margolis (8/27)

SEPT. 5-11, 2020              16-22 ELUL

Anna Rainbow (9/7)           Julius Steigman (9/7)

Janet Levin Schwartz (9/9)           Nathan Polonsky (9/9)

Sara Gilman Hackel (9/9)             Bernard Weinstein (9/8)

SEPT. 12-18, 2020            23-29 ELUL 5780

Nettie Levin (9/12)              Esther Polonsky (9/15)

Rose Dunn Azrael (9/17)              Sharon Schindler (9/13)

SEPT. 19-25, 2020            1-7 TISHREI 5781

Saul Abraham Bienstck (9/19)     Fanny Druck (9/19)

Lillian Epstein (9/20)                   Esther Braverman (9/22)

Louis Drick (9/22)              Herbert Stanley Kalin (9/24)

Martha Goldmeer (9/25)

SEPT. 26-OCTOBER 2, 2020    8-14 TISHREI 5781

Joe Lazarus (9/26)              Fannie Cohen Bonow (9/26)

Frank Taylor (9/27)            Morris Handleman (9/28)

Pia Fruma Abrahams (9/28)                  Ben Polonsky (9/30)

Rose Steigman (9/30)                   Sol Hartnig (10/2)

Saul Stein (10/2)                 Ida Broomberg (10/2)

OCTOBER 3-9, 2020                 15-21 TISHREI 5781

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Lind (10/9)      Joel Ariel Flatow (10/9)

Rose Leah Lipsitz (10/9)

OCTOBER 10-16, 2020             22-28 TISHREI 5781

Sol Miller (10/13)               Sarah Gittle Nachman (10/13)

Harold Rainbow (10/14)              Abraham Topale

OCTOBER 17-23, 2020    19 TISHREI-5 CHESHVAN

Nathan Polonsky (10/19)   Ida Wasserman Pressman (10/20)

Morris I. Feinberg (10/21)            Maurice Lipson (10/22)

Sydney Hartnig (10/19)                Millie Feinberg (10/23)

A Yahrzeit, a memorial lamp will (if available on the large bronze tablets) be lit in the Synagogue. On the appropriate date and a Mourner’s Kaddish may be recited

Kiddush, Yom Kippur 2019